Profile of a Teacher


Our Mission

Calvin Christian School exists to provide an excellent Christ-centered education to children of believers.  In support of parents and in cooperation with Christian churches, Calvin will provide this education from a Reformed perspective.  Meaning, we help such children see God’s creation through the perspective of God’s Word, understand God’s redemptive and providential work throughout history, and live lives of Christian service that exemplify love for God and for their neighbors.


Our Vision

We are a diverse group of Christians working together to help children achieve academic excellence and grow in faith in order to answer God’s call to transform the world.


Our Teachers

We are a diverse, unique, committed team of Christians.  We are not living for ourselves, but have surrendered ourselves to the Lordship of Christ.  Our passionate calling to this place is stimulated by prayerfully seeking after God’s will.  It is a calling, not a job.  We embrace opportunities to partner with Christian colleagues, parents, and church communities who help children achieve academic excellence and grow in faith.  All of our efforts are measured by student achievement and discipleship.


Pursuing God’s call to transform the world:  we are not just waiting for Christ’s return; we are not waiting until our students graduate; we are not waiting until things get better – as Christians, we are called to a ministry of reconciliation right now.  Whether studying math or music, geography or psychology, our learning is guided by the tenets of Reformed Theology:

  • Creation – God created this world perfectly.
  • Fall – because of sin, all of creation is marred.
  • Redemption – God sent Christ to pay the penalty for sin and to redeem us.
  • Restoration – as we wait to be fully united with our Heavenly Father, He asks us to use our time on earth to love Him, to serve Him, and to make life better for others that I can see, those far away, and those that have not been born yet.


From both research and observation, we know the single greatest contributing factor to an effective and growing school is an excellent faculty.  The CCS Administration and Board understand that becoming advanced is a process, and it is our commitment to this community to recruit and retain teachers that are focused on growth (personal, collective, and student). These rubrics are organized around six domains covering all aspects of a teacher’s job performance:

    Domain 1:      Planning & Preparation for Learning

    Domain 2:      Assessment of and for Learning

    Domain 3:      Delivery of Instruction

    Domain 4:      Classroom Management

    Domain 5:      Family & Community Relations

    Domain 6:      Professional Responsibilities


The rubrics use a four-level rating scale with the following labels:

    4 – Advanced

    3 – Proficient

    2 – Needing Improvement

    1 – Not Meeting Standard


The rubrics are designed to give teachers an end-of-the-year assessment of where they stand in all performance areas – and a detailed understanding on how to improve.  They are not checklists for classroom visits.  Frequent, unannounced mini-observations or walk-throughs (focusing on Safety, Objectives, Teaching, Engagement and Learning) followed by face-to-face conversations are the best way for administrators to have an accurate sense of the teachers’ performance, give ongoing praise and suggestions, and listen to concerns. 


The teacher and the administrator should complete the rubrics in advance, then meet and compare scores.  The administrator has the final say, but consensus based on evidence should guide the process.


Overall annual staff rubric evaluation results will help determine areas for further investments in corporate professional growth.


In order to provide for faculty excellence, the administration will:

  • Choose new faculty carefully
  • Orient new faculty thoroughly
  • Evaluate all faculty regularly
  • Assist all faculty to grow professionally
  • Support all faculty spiritually

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