Parent Involvement/VIP


The strength of Calvin Christian School is the partnership we enjoy between home, church and school

There are many ways that parents (and grandparents!) are involved at CCS.


Volunteers In Partnership (VIP) - [formerly FACS]

By far the most comprehensive parent involvement program we have is organized by Volunteers In Partnership (VIP).

The object of VIP is to support Calvin Christian School and connect families to each other.  Each year they have been able to donate $55,000, helping to reduce the cost of education and providing teachers and students with additional resources that would not otherwise be available.

Each family at Calvin Christian School is a member of VIP and is asked to fulfill volunteer time each year in one of four ways:

  • Be a leader! - Leadership roles completely fulfill volunteer requirements
    • Be a CCS Board member or VIP Board member.
      •   The VIP Board consists of six officers:
        1. President
        2. Vice President
        3. Secretary
        4. Treasurer
        5. Publicity Coordinator
        6. Vicar
    • Be a CCS staff member or teacher
    • Be a chair or co-chair of an Auction committee or a VIP event
  • Be a committee member! - These roles completely fulfill volunteer requirements
    • Be a Calvin Parent Ambassador (CPA) - see our Director of Enrollment, Tanya Harper, to sign up!
    • Be a Room Helper
  • Be a worker!
    • Work 3 VIP events (3 hours each) to completely fulfill your volunteer requirement.
      • Each event represents $150 (toward the $450 FACS requirement).
      • Any year-end balance will be due in the last tuition statement.
  • Opt Out!
    • Opt out of the volunteer requirement by paying $450 / academic year.


Job Descriptions (where/how to get involved)

1.)  Auction Chair & Co-Chair Roles - completely fulfills VIP requirement
  • Supervising - Direct responsibility for the overall organization and execution of the annual Fall Auction
  • Childcare - Organizer of the supervision of children in a classroom during the Auction
  • Description Cards - Work with the Auction committee writing descriptions of auction items for the catalog
  • Food - Organizer of food service including menu, purchasing, and preparation. Over see kitchen, money collectors, and clean-up for the Auction
  • Publicity - Organizer of all printed and online marketing for the Auction
  • Mailing - Organizer of all mailings (including drafting of letters, folding, stuffing, and mailing)
  • Shopping - Organizer will use donated funds to shop for items to be included in the Auction
  • Decorations - Organizer of room decorations for the Auction (including purchasing, set-up, and clean-up)
  • Silent Auction - Organizer of merchandise selection (including some shopping), organize merchandise time slots, tag items, organize list for booklet, and submit list for printing. Oversee Silent Auction during the event
  • Soliciting - Organizer of direct solicitation efforts (including mailings, follow-up, and collection of gifts) for the Auction
2.)  Auction Worker Positions - each event is a 3 hour commitment and fulfills $150 (of total $450) VIP requirement
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Make sure all volunteers sign in/out with legible writing and accurate time
  • Childcare - Assist with supervision of children in a classroom during the Auction
  • Food - Food server, cashier, and clean-up positions available
  • Cashiers - Tender payments from bidders during the Auction
  • Registrars - Register each bidder into our electronic system and assign paddles
  • Security - Secure building (inside and out) for all guests
  • Box Room Packer - Distribute merchandise in its original packaging to bidder winners as they leave the event
  • Recorder - Responsible for documenting winning bidder next to the bided item in the designated workbook
  • Floor Runner/Merchandise Carrier - During the Auction, display merchandise by walking through the audience as items are being auctioned
  • Bid Clerks - Responsible for recording the successful bidder's number and final bid price
  • Spotter - Responsible for identifying the bidder by spotting the current bidder in the audience
3.)  Committee Opportunities - completely fulfills VIP requirement
  • Calvin Parent Ambassador - Responsibilities include engaging, supporting, and advising prospective and new families to CCS, including working at Open House events. See Tanya Harper for more information.
  • Room Helpers - "Room Mom or Dad;" Daytime hours only for support and administrative help for teachers. One per classroom.
  • Faculty Appreciation - Responsible for the organization and execution of teacher appreciation activities including Christmas Luncheon and Year-End Teacher Luncheon
4.)  Event Chair & Co-Chair Opportunities - completely fulfills VIP requirement
  • Wrapping Paper Sale - Manage Innisbrook sale (including organization or orders, collection of money, and distribution)
  • Grandparents' Day - Manage the organization of day-time event for Grandparents (including food service planning, food pick-up, and management of workers for preparation, food service, and clean-up)
  • Box Tops - Manage the marketing, collection, and redemption of box tops for the school
  • Family Fun Day Supervising - Responsibilities include the management and execution of Family Fun Day activities (including vendor management, publicity, and workers)
  • Family Fun Day Food - Responsibilities include the management of food planning, pick-up, preparation, service, clean-up, and workers
  • Family Movie Night - Responsibilities include the management of movie selections, publicity, food service, workers, and clean-up
  • Calvin Cafe` - Responsibilities include the management of food supply and worker schedule fod all volleyball and basketball home games
  • TRIP/Target - Responsibilities include management, organization, and promotion of TRIP (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program) and Target Card promotions for the school
  • Kitchen Cleaning - Responsibilities include deep cleaning of the kitchen approximately five times a year
  • Master Scheduler - Administrative role to support FACS Treasurer to maintain FACS Binder and sign-ups
  • Cook's Night Out Coordinator - Responsibilities include the planning of Calvin Dinner Nights at local restaurants which offer fundraiser opportunities for the Calvin families
  • Spirit Wear Coordinator - Responsibilities include promotion and organization of spirit wear sales, distribution, and inventory
  • Pancake Breakfast - Responsibilities include the promotion, food selection and shopping, food service, and management of workers for the Annual Breakfast which supports CCS athletics
5.)  Other Worker Opportunities - each is a 3 hour commitment and fulfills $150 (of the total $450) VIP requirement
  • Wrapping Paper Sale
  • Grandparents' Day
  • Movie Night
  • Family Fun Day
  • Faculty Appreciation
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Calvin Cafe`
  • Kitchen Cleaning


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