CCS Foundation

The Calvin Christian School Foundation exists to invest funds and return interest to the school, thereby taking a portion of the financial burden off parents’ shoulders. Not to be confused with the tuition assistance fund (the privately funded program that grants individual tuition assistance as needed), the CCS Foundation contributes 5% of its worth to the entire school body each year, and often times contributes more. Those funds provide relief from charges that would otherwise have to be added to yearly tuition bills.


Through the generous donations of people who have a heart for Calvin and a vested interest in its stability, the Foundation will continue to be able to contribute a large sum of money to the school each year. As the total assets of the Foundation multiply, the sum it contributes to the school will continue to increase. This means that donors’ gifts will not only support the children at the school today, but will continue to support the school year after year.


The CCS Foundation exists to guarantee that Calvin Christian School – already over 100 years old! – has no end in sight. As the school thrives and graduates our children’s children, the CCS Foundation will financially support each year’s enrollment and unforeseeable expenses. Each gift to the foundation will grow and will still be giving when those great-grandkids don their blue caps and gowns. Most encouraging, the CCS Foundation ensures an amazing Christian education to all its students, children who will influence the world each in their own inspired way.


If your heart longs to see Calvin continue to thrive years down the road, consider a gift to the CCS Foundation. Additionally, if you would like more information about giving an asset, stock, bequest, or other non-cash donation, please contact Mr. Bob Van Baren, Development Director. He will be able to connect you to professional, Christian attorneys at Barnabas Foundation, who will counsel you through the planned giving process at no charge.



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