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In Middle School (6th-8th), our students hear and apply God's Word to their lives. They develop an understanding of God's nature and character, and recognize God's plan of redemption throughout history. Students learn to communicate creatively and precisely, gain reading skills, examine the precision and order of God's universe through math and science, grow and curious care-takers and explorers of God's created world, and cultivate life-long healthy habits that honor God. Students will be able to connect learning to real-life applications and enjoy opportunities to interact with peers.
Curriculum used: ; Topics covered include:
  • significant people
  • kings and prophets of the Old Testament
  • life of Christ
  • Paul’s missionary journeys
  • spiritual exercises
  • church history
  • apologetics
  • world religions


Language Arts
Curriculum used: ; Topics covered include: 
  • grammar rules and usage
  • diagramming
  • spelling patterns
  • literary elements
  • genre reviews
  • novel studies
  • oral expression
  • writing process


Curriculum used: ; Topics covered include:
  • computation
  • problem-solving
  • operations with integers
  • fractions
  • decimals and percents
  • geometry
  • algebra


Curriculum used: ; Topics covered include:
  • scientific inquiry
  • rocks and minerals
  • topography
  • plate tectonics
  • weather
  • space
  • cells
  • plants & animals
  • body systems
  • chemistry
  • physics


Social Studies
Curriculum used: ; Topics covered include:
  • map skills
  • world geography
  • ancient civilizations
  • U.S. and world history
  • current events
  • cultures


Curriculum used: ; Topics include:
  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • reading and writing
  • listening and speaking
Physical Education
Weekly PE class; Topics covered include:
  • fitness awareness
  • body and object control
  • strength, flexibility and endurance
  • rules and skills for soccer, volleyball, basketball, football, floor hockey and dodgeball
In addition to PE, middle school students take a health class to gain healthy attitudes in the four areas of health: physical, emotional, social, and spiritual practice making wise decisions that honor God. Topics include:
  •  exercise
  • fitness
  • media analysis
  • human body
  • consumer choices
  • relationships


Weekly art class focuses on creatively exploring a wide variety of media and techniques, and appreciating and developing an understanding of past and present cultures and artists of the world. Topics include:
  • media
  • design
  • art elements
We study music to glorify God with our movements, voices, and instruments; develop musical skills; and gain appreciation for a variety of music. Topics include:
  • reading written music
  • following a director
  • playing or singing in a group
  • matching tone and dynamics
  • performing