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The mission of the Student Services department at Calvin is to work on developing the whole child. We provide academic, behavioral, and social emotional supports.

What students do you work with?

Student Services works with students in grades K-8. We work with students with diagnosed disabilities. We also work with students who are at risk in math or reading.

What Academic Supports do you provide? 

We provide academic support in reading and math through small group learning and the Response to Intervention Model (RtI). These services are determined through the RtI process and/or if students have a diagnosed disability and receive services via an IEP, ISP, or 504 plan.

What Behavioral Supports do you provide? 

We provide behavioral supports through positive reinforcement systems, classroom management systems, and if needed behavior action plans. 

What Social/Emotional Supports do you provide?

We provide social emotional support by offering sensory safe spaces in our school, lunch bunch groups to work on targeted social skills, and referrals for counseling support. 

How are services determined?

If needed, we can seek out additional evaluations through All Belong in Wyoming, MI or our local school district. If services are determined necessary, our local school district can provide speech and language services. 

Who provides services?

Our director, Leah Casson has a Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning with endorsements in Learning Behavior Specialist type 1 and Deaf/Hard of Hearing. 

Our instructional assistants all have experience in the educational sphere and have their bachelors degrees. 

Our behavioral assistants have experience in the educational sphere with some having their paraprofessional licenses.


Calvin is a member school with All Belong Center for Inclusive Education (formerly CLC Network), which promotes the development of people with a variety of abilities and disabilities to live as active, integrated members of their communities.  For more information about All Belong, visit their website