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Calvin's teachers are deeply committed to their craft.  As followers of Jesus, they see every child as an image-bearer of their Creator.  Teachers meet weekly together to discuss how to best teach and to support their students' learning, believing that we all learn best in community.  They come to Calvin as certified teachers with bachelors or advanced degrees.


  Name Title
Angela Addison Davis Addison Davis, Angela Band/Music
Kelly Archie Archie, Kelly Pre-Kindergarten
Julia Baurain Baurain, Julia Student Services
Jerrinae Berry Berry, Jerrinae Office Administrator
Amy Boerman-Cornell Boerman-Cornell, Amy Grade 4
Kimberly Bolkema Bolkema, Kimberly Elementary PE & Middle School
Alisa Bonnema Bonnema, Alisa Finance Manager
Sally Breems Breems, Sally Grade 3
Melissa Bultema Bultema, Melissa
Extended Care Care, Extended
Leah Casson Casson, Leah Student Services Director
Sharai Colar Colar, Sharai Student Services
Qiana Dukes Dukes, Qiana Kindergarten
Lisa Dykstra Dykstra, Lisa Middle School Math
Alex Eiland Eiland, Alex Athletic Director
Yolanda Evans Evans, Yolanda Grade 6
Becky Hanemaayer Hanemaayer, Becky Bus Driver
Shelley Hernandez Hernandez, Shelley Camp iMPACT Director
Camp Impact Impact, Camp
Julie Jann Jann, Julie Grade 2
Julia Keep Keep, Julia Grade 6
Jennifer Kooyenga Kooyenga, Jennifer Student Services
Lisa Meeks Meeks, Lisa Grade 8
Randy Moes Moes, Randy Principal
Wendy Moes Moes, Wendy Spanish
Rhonesia Moore Moore, Rhonesia Grade 1
Mark Morris Morris, Mark Instructor
Linda Neal Neal, Linda Teacher Aide
John Nutter Nutter, John Grade 7
Angela Oldenkamp Oldenkamp, Angela Marketing
Jacqueline Perez Perez, Jacqueline Teacher Aide
Jon Postma Postma, Jon Director of Technology and Facilities
Sarah Powers Powers, Sarah Art
Charlotte Purnell Purnell, Charlotte Media Center Coordinator
Shauntrice Ragland Ragland, Shauntrice Music/Choir
Susan Reese Reese, Susan Extended Care & Faces of Light
Lunch Room Room, Lunch
Stacia Smits Smits, Stacia Grade 3
Victoria Spires Spires, Victoria Director of Enrollment
Calvin VIP VIP, Calvin
Richard Ward Ward, Richard Dean
Jeanice Wilson-Jackson Wilson-Jackson, Jeanice Hot Lunch Manager
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