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The following churches partner with Calvin Christian School by providing a portion of their student congregants' tuition fees. Talk to your church to find out more about their assistance, or to encourage your church family to become a partner church with CCS.

  • Bethel Christian Reformed Church, Lansing, IL
  • Calvary Community Church, South Holland, IL
  • Cottage Grove Christian Reformed Church, South Holland, IL
  • Covenant Fellowship Church of South Holland, South Holland, IL
  • Faith Church, Dyer, IN – does not pay for Pre-K students
  • First Church of South Holland (OPC), South Holland, IL
  • First Church (PCA), Lansing, IL
  • First Reformed Church, South Holland, IL
  • Hope Christian Reformed Church, Oak Forest, IL
  • Lynwood United Reformed Church, Lynwood, IL
  • Oak Glen United Reformed Church, Lansing, IL
  • Reconciliation Church, South Holland, IL
  • Thorn Creek Reformed Church, South Holland, IL


As of February 2023